iOS 7: Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal

Everyday Digitals - Apple is often criticized for not actually inventing anything, but taking other people's ideas and refining them. What those people fail to realize is that refinement can be innovation in itself. Sure there were smartphones with touch screens before the iPhone existed but most people didn't use them. Why? Because they were mostly unusable. Apple refined some existing technologies while inventing some of their own and created a user interface that was functional, easy to learn and fun to use. It wasn't perfect, but it laid a foundation for what was to come. This is how I feel about iOS 7.

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fatstarr2168d ago

too much praise given in this article.

gdguide2167d ago

While Jobs was at helm, Apple used a stlye/feature set that was present in other industries but not in their own industry, put them into one cohesive product that felt like magic to many consumers. With Cook, Apple is taking ideas from direct competitors. It's quite different. Apple is no longer shaping trends and visual styles. They are reacting. It's sad actually. To be fair, we have no idea what Jobs had planned past 2012. Could be he would have gone in the same direction.