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The Brilliant Insanity Behind the New Mac Pro's Design

Gizmodo: This type of design can only be produced by a company that is first, truly led by its industrial design team, and second, completely nuts. No sane engineer would ever let this leave the design stage because it goes against everything you’re supposed to do with electronics.

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fatstarr2175d ago

its a interesting concept but the industry doesnt need more proprietary nonsense for the rest to copy off of, as a system builder i shiver to think if this insanely caught on and all makers rethought everything... they make standards for a reason.

I like the concept, hate that apple made it, love that it looks like a trashcan. instead of some futuristic triangle Lmao

into the trash this goes.

In2iti0n2175d ago

I'd love to have a trash can like this, anytime!

imXify2174d ago

This system may be very very strong with OpenCL / OpenGL applications, but if you want to upgrade it 3 years later you're screwed.