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Does iOS 7 make Apple exciting again?

BGR: Six years. It had been six years since Apple’s industry-rocking mobile platform saw any real visual overhaul, but now the wait is over. Just as BlackBerry OS went from mobile powerhouse to stale and boring in that period of time, iOS had certainly lost its luster in recent years.

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In2iti0n2175d ago

If your answer isn't "yes", then you're just a hater.

fatstarr2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

I guess you know what my answer is Lmfao

continue living in delusion its like your 8 months late to the new years party.

but I would be happy too seeing this change after living with the same ios style for like 8 years.

gdguide2174d ago

What features make it exciting that AREN'T offered on other platforms already? I like the cohesiveness of the product, but it's not making many people "excited" about Apple again. Release a new way of watching TV like Jobs was hinting. Create an iWatch. Not just a nice looking rehash of Windows 8 and BB10 with a touch of Google Cards.

This is from Forbes:

"This brings me to Schiller’s boast that Apple is innovating again. What Schiller thinks of as innovation sounds to me like tweaking an old product’s features.

And people who attended the WWDC seem to agree with that conclusion. Phill Ryu, who runs app-design studio Impending, concluded that Apple can’t keep up with Google. Ryu told the Journal that Apple’s “online services are lagging more and more behind the state of the art by Google. I’m not sure Apple can continue making up for that by continuing to squeeze out more gains from design.”

fatstarr2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

"that Apple is innovating again" Lmao the praise they get when they reinvent the wheel. Im waiting for the infringement suits in the next 6 months.

imo all apple has to do is start fresh and make a completely new OS for the phones and tablets.

Nucky2174d ago

You, my friend, have summed it up all here.
Apple is just good at creating illusions and "magic" for its fanboys.

Whatever Apple does, they will be astonished, amazed, their breath will be taken away and their jaws will drop.