This 29-Year-Old Nabbed $29 Million Because He Can See The Future

Business Insider - At the tender age of 29, Quixey cofounder Tomer Kagan is already an accomplished futurist.
That means that he envisions the future and works with scientists and others to make it come true.

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steven83r2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Envisions the future? Isn't that what every company does when they begin to develop products and ideas. Also seems like he got most of his ideas from Michio Kaku's Visions of the Future and Discovery Channel Next World.

sjaakiejj2174d ago

You need a lot more than an idea to garner up 24 million dollars in funding. This guy has concrete plans and strategies to develop and implement these technologies, going far beyond what Michio discussed in his series.