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Google Wallet Is Leaking Money

Businessweek- Google Wallet (GOOG), the mobile software that allows Android users to pay for purchases online and in stores with their phones, has become a money pit. The company has dedicated hundreds of developers to Wallet and spent about $300 million to acquire digital payment startups to help develop the app. But consumers aren’t sold. Wallet has been downloaded fewer than 10 million times in the two years since its launch, according to Play, Google’s app store

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Settler2052d ago

Wallet is one of the best and clean app, but still confuse why this happening :P

raytraceme2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Support and payment availability, it's just not there. Unlike a credit card, I can't go into any store and use my phone to buy something unfortunately. Plus not all phones support google wallet or they are blocked by the douchbag us carriers.

BumpFrankie2052d ago

If Verizon supported Google wallet then the number of downloads could easily have doubled. How much has Google put into marketing Wallet? I have not seen a single advert for Wallet since it started, only reading about it online like this.