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President Obama on NSA spying: Congress has known about it and approved for years

The Verge - President Obama just delivered his first public statements on the massive government surveillance efforts on internet companies and phone records targeting millions of ordinary citizens, which were revealed by leaked documents published online earlier this week. Answering a reporter's questions after his speech on healthcare in San Jose, California

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SnakeCQC2178d ago

I really dislike obama he is soooo full of crap. Yes people knew bush did it but people voted you for all the "change" you promised. In some ways obama is worse than bush.

The_Blue2178d ago

yeah because Bush ended the wars that Obama started.

SnakeCQC2178d ago

obama in no way ended them and instead of taking prisoners(albeit to get tortured etc) he just drone srikes everything. Under obama there has been over 300 drone strikes with the vast majority being innocent people (estimated around 400 children) in pakistan alone. This guy isnt the anti bush he's a deadlier version as many people are ignorant and dont look at varied news mediums to look for whats really happening.

The_Blue2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Oh please. They both are murders and at least its safer to send a drone instead of an army. How many innocents are dead on Bush order? Wheres that number? Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

If you're going to provide an argument, do better than a biased and weak straw man tactics. You said he's deadlier than bush, but how many so-called innocents was killed during Bush term?

Go look that up.. =)