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Microsoft Cancelling One-on-One Interviews with Xbox Executives at E3

GameRanx - Microsoft seems to be making sure that there will be no mixed messaging at E3 this year, but the company’s methods for doing so don’t seem all that sound. Earlier this week, it was announced that the Xbox maker would be cancelling its E3 post-press conference roundtable with media. Many people saw this as a response to the poor PR job that occurred during the original Xbox One reveal, but since one-on-one meetings with Xbox executives were still set, there was hope that the cancelation was for other various reasons. However, certain media members have revealed that their solo interviews have also been cut, painting an interesting picture for Microsoft’s presence at E3 this year.

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-Mezzo-2179d ago

The Damage is uncontrollably big.

Crazyglues2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

MS just cancelling any opportunity for the press to ask them questions, just shows there are no good answers to the questions everyone wants to ask them...
(It is as bad as you think)

1.Must Always be On Line

2.There is a Fee for Used Games

3.Fee is just like buying the game new

4.XboxLive will not be Free

5.Games will be tied to your account/ (no little brother playing on your system unless he wants to play as you) - you will lose access to your installed games if the system is offline for a second more then 24 hours.

6.No It will not Play 360 games - Of course it could have, but it won't.

7.It's primary focus is not about games, it's to replace your cable box. /never-mind if you don't have a cable box you got one now.

8.Wait you really need to hear more, you mean that was not enough for you... (Really?) ..LoL

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evil_element2178d ago

So much can go wrong in 4 weeks.....