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RUMORS: Microsoft Points System to be Gone Come August/September 2013 + More

Malek Teffaha of Tech-Ticker, "We woke up, here at TT, to two big fatty rumors that came to us in regards to Microsoft, and their Xbox services roadmap. We have of course seen a small glimpse of what is to come from the future of Xbox, one that i am not particularly liking, with the Xbox One. After, what can be referred to as a lack luster reveal, and the giant PR fiasco which began from the infamous Adam Orth tweet, of how we should all “#dealwithit“, down to the mixed answers from executives after the Xbox One reveal and conflicting reports on online DRM and what not. Overnight, MS cleared up part of the issue, with a giant press release stating some facts. Yes, the Xbox One will have to connect once every 24 hours to the internet to enable you to play. Yes, it will allow publishers to charge a fee. No, Kinect can be turned off. But some questions remained unanswered.

We have an answer to two of the lingering ones."

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