Analysis: Haswell For Gaming - When Is It Appropriate to Upgrade?

GamersNexus: "But is Haswell "worth it" for your gaming desktop build? Is it worth upgrading from Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, or Nehalem? This article arms you with the ammunition to answer that question."

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imXify2179d ago

From 1st gen to 4th gen -> Okay to upgrade

From 2nd and 3rd gen to 4th gen -> Not needed.

Gamefan122179d ago

how about a core 2 quad q8300 ( that use to be a core 2 duo e6700 a month back ) =)

Though I am curious to see what steamroller has to say. Likely less powerful for single thread, and more so multithread ( how it is now ) but how much less for single vs the price.

NarooN2178d ago

One of the main things about Steamroller that interests me is the fact that single-threaded performance will get a massive boost, as well as them fixing the problem with a module's resource allocations when both cores are at full load. Those issues getting fixed will make it a much better product.

Each core of a module will get its own integer decoder, which will improve performance of a module when both cores are at full load. The floating point pipeline lengths will be reduced, which will grant a nice boost to single-thread IPC.

Those two are really some of the biggest flaws of the Bulldozer initial design, which Piledriver enhanced but didn't fix completely. Among those will be further perf/performance improvements and overall efficiency improvements. I'm really eager to see how Kaveri and the eventual Steamroller FX will pan out.

NarooN2178d ago

Yep. People with Sandy and Ivy Bridge don't have much reason to upgrade at all. It'd be a waste. They'd be better off just getting a better GPU or something.

andrewer2178d ago

I have to upgrade my Phenom x6 - although it's a good amount of cores, it lacks performance compared to Intel' processors. But I don't know if I should get Haswell or wait even more - I'm hearing some bad rumors about Broadwell...

steve30x2178d ago

I am still on first gen Core I5 760 and I'm going to get a 4770K