Samsung gets the iPhone 4, iPad banned in the US

The Inquirer - Samsung's surprise win against Apple saw the ITC issue a ban on the import or sale of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G distributed by US mobile network AT&T on Tuesday, ruling that the products infringe a Samsung data transmission patent. This follows a complaint lodged by Samsung in 2011, although it won't affect Apple's newer iPhone and iPad models.

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SnakeCQC2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

samsung hits back with an uppercut

LOL_WUT2177d ago

But Apple will strike back with a K.O just watch ;)

proudly_X2177d ago

It's funny watching both of them applying various moves..

proudly_X2177d ago

@Erudito87, it is bound to happen.

Blackdeath_6632177d ago

just imagine how much money they spend on their legal departments!

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CraigandDayDay2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

This patent war is so silly. No one really wins. Apple and Samsung need to call a truce. lol

SilentNegotiator2177d ago

But people will still say "yay Samsung!" despite all precedent set and consequences, like the tools they are.

CraigandDayDay2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Yeah. I'm a big Apple fan but at the same time I enjoy Samsung products. I have now a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 4s. I have had a Samsung Galaxy S2 and a Galaxy Note 1. I also own a Samsung Plasma 60" TV and my wife and I just bought a Samsung Camera yesterday. Both make great products. It's just ridiculous to be a fanboy of either. Get what you like of each of their products. If you only like one of theirs, then get that. Bottom line: Get what makes YOU happy. No one else matters. It's your money, so spend it wisely. :)

Neko_Mega2177d ago

I like the one about how Samsung paid Apple XD that was priceless.

I like some of their products (I mean some of Apple's and some of Samsung).

Tultras2177d ago

It didn't, the 'news' was posted, but it wasn't real.

proudly_X2177d ago

That's a stale news, It never happened

KingPin2177d ago

anyone find it weird how apple can ban samsungs most recent products but when samsung claims apples most recent products are infringing patents it gets thrown out. but when apples products are old and they no longer selling em, apples products did in fact infringe samsung patents.

so its ok for apple to infringe patents on its most recent products coz they only get banned when they old but if samsung does it, its an immediate ban.


evil_element2177d ago

Everyone will infringe on something.

Technology and software universal but design is not.

It has always gone:

'You can't reinvent the wheel'

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