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Creating Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity

Vyralize: Using Synthetic Biology, a group of independent scientists are working on plants that can produce its own light without electricity.

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Excited2play2183d ago

Were one step closer to fish night lights.

hazelamy2183d ago

but how do you turn them off?

Trunkz Jr2183d ago

Show them a picture of ...

iansannes2183d ago

...taylor swift. but showing them jessica alba and they'd get so bright you couldn't sleep.

1nsomniac2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

This has been known for years if not the past decade & one of the very first uses for it was to use as natural light especially in 3rd world countries that struggling with getting enough if any power but they hadn't bled people dry of enough of our money yet. I expect it'll be another 5 years or so before they actually start developing these.

The fact there saying its a new discovery is bull you can even find documentaries about it going back at very least 5 years ago

Speed-Racer2183d ago

I think the technology isn't new but they're more working on making it longer lasting than previous experiments.