How Much Does the Mac Pro Need an Upgrade? The Infographic

TIME: The Mac Pro could surely use a major upgrade. Though Apple updated it slightly last year by adding a speedier Intel Xeon processor, the machine has evolved very little over the years and now feels like downright archaic. It’s the only Mac without Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports; the case is largely similar to that of Apple’s Power Mac G5 model from 2003, the era before Intel Macs.

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In2iti0n2180d ago

Well, we REALLY need a medium tower solution. Something that will take a couple powerful graphics cards, a couple big drives, give us 4 or 6 cores (full cores, not hyperthreaded cripples) and not take up the space of a compact car.

imXify2179d ago

The most stupid thing ever with the Mac Pro was adding a mobile Geforce 680MX ( equals a 660ti in power ) when they could put a GTX 680 for less money.