Skype for iPhone Updated to Version 4.8 with Improved Calling and Chatting Features

iPhonBuzz: Skype is one of the most popular and world widely used VoIP service. The application for the iPhone and iPad has been updated a few minutes ago reaching version 4.8.

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evil_element2181d ago

Skype is dead > Check google+

Software_Lover2181d ago

I dont like google plus, I dont like skype for that matter. Because of google plus, I see the death of google voice very soon.

evil_element2181d ago

Google+ allows group chats, screenshare, mini apps, messaging.... all these services work with little to no lag :D

Software_Lover2181d ago

Yeah, but google voice worked for what I, and many others in the business world, needed it for. Now we are gonna probably be forced to try and use google+ or find an alternative. Unfortunately, there are none at this moment that fit the bill.

Baka-akaB2181d ago

Sure Voip is trendy , and there to stay , meanwhile MS is unsuccessfully trying to kill live messenger , while skype is an horrible txt messaging service and program .

It's so far like going backward to the very first version of MSN messenger or stuff like ICQ .