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Ex Microsoft Windows Chief: I Was Right To Kill The Start Button

TNB: “It's hard for me to look at selling 100 million of something and not be happy.” Sinfosky exclaimed while participating in a Q&A session with D11 host Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

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In2iti0n2178d ago

So, umm, that's why they're putting it back?

jerocarson2178d ago

They are not putting it back, like the normal star-up button. It's something different, more like a start-tip according to cnet

SKUD2178d ago

Or maybe no one wanted their desktops to look like the tablet OS?.

mmj2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

“It's hard for me to look at selling 100 million of something and not be happy.”

Windows 8 is a flop deal with it most licenses sold were bundled with PC's and probably replaced with Windows 7.

proudly_X2177d ago

I honestly do not think so. You know what I think? Majority of humanity are just too lazy to adapt to a simple change.

I stand firmly to the fact that win8 is the future

Isis062177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

The future for two years, maybe...

kingPoS2177d ago

I reckon that to being told the ability to install and use programs on external drives would be phased out.

No offense, but I'm one of kinda folk who don't like cluttering up the HHD's on they're PC.

The way Win8 is set up completely negates my preferred setup. I have my start menu taskbar placed on the right side of my screen.

It's what works for me when I solo with just a keyboard. Win8 is not keyboard friendly to me - at least not without memorizing cheat sheet of shortcuts.

mcstorm2177d ago

@kingpost I really don't get why people say windows 8 is not keyboard and mouse friendly. I have windows 8 on my surface rt and running on my work laptop that is 3 years old.

On my surface I only use the keyboard and mouse when working on the desktop side of the os or in ie. The new ui I use my fingers for.

On my laptop I use 3 new ui apps remote desktop, weather and Xbox music the rest are x32 apps.

Now back to the start menu on both my surface and laptop I have setup the start menu with all the apps I use and need and put them into groups. So I now have everything I need on the start screen. I have things that you got on the old style like my computer, most used documents and apps but I also have things like all my drives and network drives, hyper v app, box and SkyDrive. Web sites I need to access quick or alot ect. Now to me the new start screw is better than the old start menu as everything can be put onto it where we could not do that before.

My only issue with the start screen is they should of had 3 size icon from day one but that is coming in 8.1.

Also the new start menu is also quicker than the old one as you pin what you want to it click the start key and click the icon on the start screen where before to access your network drive you had to out a short cut on the desktop and minimise everything to get to the short cut or click start open my computer and access the drive. On the new one you hit the start key and click on the drive that os on it.

I really don't get the - about the new stat screen on the web I think people just like to moan about anything they can. Look at N4G at the moment its been about the Wiiu for a few months now its about the Xbox one sad really.

gamernova2177d ago

Actually!! 8 and 7 have been increasing in marketshare at the expense of XP and vista. 7 has a significant lead. I don't know why people hate windows 8 so much. It is compatible with everything that 7 has, has a faster boot time, the most basic version comes with encryption software, and it has a user interface that allows you to get tons of free apps...on your PC...that's awesome!!! Then again I am a pro with the PC so maybe it is not the same for the noobies.

Qrphe2177d ago

Yep, they said the same thing of Vista after all.

iliimaster2177d ago

well all i know is why isint there an option? to either let people get use to it or if they dont like it they can add it? makes no sense in forcing something down a consumers throat especially if they didint ask for it

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