Xbox One: Can it truly stake first place?

Techi - From a social media marketing standpoint, a multimedia video game platform sounds like a dream. The idea seems novel an appealing: combining the functionalities of networks like Facebook and communication vehicles like Skype and integrating them into your gaming experience. From a gamer’s standpoint, it’s something that some will appreciate, and the rest won’t mind – as long as the actual software is continually released at a constant pace.

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-Mezzo-2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Sadly, they're going after Apple Tv,... People didn't go for apple tv even though it's only $99, don't think they'll go for something +$400.

og1kenob2182d ago

mezzo hit it on the head now I have to get just a ps4 and wii2

mrxbox2182d ago

Let's just wait for the other top gadgets like the PS4, Google Glass, iWatch come. Then it can be decided. But I would say no, it won't be the one thing people would chose out of the top class stuff that is soon to be coming.