Microsoft fails to understand: When it comes to tablets, Windows isn't a feature - It's a liability

iMore: Bill Gates once said what he envied most about Apple was Steve Jobs' taste. But Jobs didn't have taste in the fashionable sense of the word. He had product sense. He had the ability to look forward, past his own current product portfolio, beyond his corporate investments to date, beyond any brands he might hold dear, and see what his customers needed. He had sensibility.

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In2iti0n2303d ago

One thing that Microsoft's recent tablet commercial doesn't mention is the horrible amount of out of box storage you get with the windows 8 tablet.

Why would I want something that only gives me about 30% of the advertised space to use?

evil_element2302d ago

What do you expect from Steve Ballmer, 3 years back he was all for binning Windows franchise for investing in Bing. That's no lie, he believed google's way forward was the best.