Has Apple Lost Its Cool? Its Chief Says No

The New York Times Company- It has been a rough year for Apple. The company has battled fierce competitors like Samsung, come under scrutiny for tax avoidance and watched in dismay as its stock price took more dips and turns than a roller coaster.

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Settler2183d ago

Whatever is the position of Apple at the moment, I still love Apple.

In2iti0n2183d ago

Hello there, Apple friend. My profile picture says it all. ;)

Isis062183d ago

You people are strange.

evil_element2182d ago

Love Apple, but I will be burned for saying it.

Yi-Long2182d ago

... it's pretty much confirmation it's no longer cool.

Personally, never been a fan of Apple.

badz1492182d ago

a Cook doesn't really know how to do his Job

Neko_Mega2182d ago

I see more people wanting Samsung phones more then the Iphone, but besides all that. Apple does make really good products, I just hate how much its overprice vs getting something that is the same an does more for less.

What I mean is, Mac computers are good. But they don't really have any support for big games like BF3 and so on. Yeah you can buy the software do use Windows software on a Mac, but its cheaper to buy a Windows computer.

So I do agree that Apple has lost some cool, but mostly just in the phone part. I can't think of anyone that makes any better mp3 players then them.

Valkyre2182d ago

You do not have to buy any kinds of software to run windows on a Mac...

Bootcamp is an application that comes with every Mac and if you own Windows OS you can install it on your Mac without any problems at all.

Also Mac computers are not created with a target mind towards gamers. They are not gaming systems, they are computers mostly for professional use.

If you want to play games buy a windows PC, Mac are mostly designed for work.

It astounds me why after all these years people fail to realise this and always comment about Macs being overpriced, judging that by the gaming aspect, when in fact Mac were never designed to game to begin with...

scratch my head...

evil_element2182d ago

Story goes that 60's - 80's people sided Microsoft as they saw them as the future of computing. People developed technologies for the windows platform and over period of time it has meant that Windows has made an arsenal of gaming technologies behind it.

DirectX is Windows power house, if you killed that, Windows gaming would die.

dcbronco2182d ago

It will be interesting to see what Apple does. That can't re-hire Steve Jobs this time.

WheatBread2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Apple sucks now that Steve Jobs is gone.