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The Smarter Phone is Upgradeable Just Like a PC

CNXSoft- The “Smarter Phone“, which is just a concept right now, would allow users to easily upgrade or repair it by changing key modules. Your phone currently has a 5MP camera, and you’ll like to upgrade for a 12MP. No problem, just replace the camera module. We’re now in 2016. The quad core processor in your smartphone feels really slow, and memory is tight, so you’d like to replace it with the latest Exynos 7 20-core processor with extra-large.big.medium.little. tiny processing technology, and finally get 8GB RAM. You can do so by just updating the CPU module, and on and on.

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Settler2188d ago

TYVM, but at the moment more ram would be all I want right now :-/

evil_element2188d ago

Just make a modular upgrade system for the phone and be done with it.

fatstarr2187d ago

Modular upgrade systems should have been around for consoles and phones and laptops for years now...

its all a scheme to get your $$$. if the n64 could do it I dont get why nothing else could.

I guess their goal has to be reached before this comes out.

evil_element2187d ago

Same design philosphy used in mobile as consoles. Why allow upgrades of single things like CPU's, memory, power, e.t.c when you can roll them into the next model and charge full price. The upgrade might cost $20-120 but that would mean they wouldn't be able to charge est $399 for a brand new console.

Considering all the stuff in your flat or home is modular its seem stupid that electronic firms refuse to acknowledge this way of design.

If your scratching your head on what in your flat or house could be modular? Your kitchen table and x amount of chairs would be classed modular. Extension to your flat or house would be modular, buying more cloths would be modular.