Xbox One and Used Games: The Real Reason Everyone's So Mad

Gizmodo: It's much easier to assign a bogeyman to explain away why you can't own something than it is to simply say you can't afford it. And this natural human tendency might explain why the backlash against Microsoft's reported treatment of Xbox One used games has become a moral imperative, instead of one about how goddamn expensive the platonic ideal of an Xbox One experience will be.

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In2iti0n2304d ago

The problem is that the new model has you renting the console and the games.
If you have a Nintendo in your basement, you can pull it out in 20 years and still play it. You will not be able to do that with an Xbox One because they won't keep all the authentication servers running forever.

If they are going to turn it all into a rental, then the price needs to reflect that change.

fatstarr2304d ago

honestly its microsoft shooting themselves in the foot and making huge enemys from Amazon, ebay, bestbuy and gamestop and the millions of customers they have that are into used gaming. to a consumer thats not an idiot it would put more pros on the wiiu and ps4 side.

I think the world is a funny place, if Nintendo had done something like this it would make the bashing microsoft is getting look like a practical joke.