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PayPal denies teenager reward for finding website bug

PCWorld: A 17-year-old German student contends PayPal has denied him a reward for finding a vulnerability in its website. Robert Kugler said he notified PayPal of the vulnerability on May 19. He said he was informed by email that because he is under 18 years old, he did not qualify for its Bug Bounty Program. He will turn 18 next March.

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adorie2181d ago

Anything to save money. Stupid,petty Corporations.

Give him his damned reward.

evil_element2181d ago

Put this way if paypal don't want to pay to know why not sell it onto someone else.

Then it will hurt them.

Paying him costs what $2,000

Paying for the damage of not knowing $50,000+ plus damaged of the company image and angry shareholders.

What do people know?

pompombrum2180d ago

Paypal have always been anal about under 18s. I used to sell stuff on ebay when I was 16-17 and was very focused on selling stuff to make money for my huge trip to Canada.. ended up having something like £3000+ in my paypal account and can't remember how exactly but they found out I was under 18 and temporarily suspended my account refusing me access to all the money I made. Fortunately I turned 18 within three months of the suspension and had no problems reopening it but the whole ordeal left a very bitter taste in my mouth with paypal.

Soldierone2180d ago

They actually do that a lot.....

I've had access denied to my account several times. They don't block me from spending it on Ebay or anything, but if I wanted to transfer money to my bank it was blocked....

One time it was because they wanted my social security or something and I didn't want to give it to them, so they blocked transfers even though my account was already confirmed.

Th3 Chr0nic2180d ago

Sounds like he should have read the terms/rules of the Bug Bounty Prgram before spending his time on it. paypal should be good enough at this by now to have put that in the terms of use.

fatstarr2180d ago

nothing to see here, just another day of the TOS screwing someone over. lmao Can we all just make TOS's to counter TOS's that say by responding to this email. or shipping to this address you bla bla bla?