Microsoft Xbox One: everything you need to know

TheVerge - A cheat sheet for all of the news about the new console.

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-Mezzo-2186d ago

Most of it is bothersome.

Lord_Sloth2185d ago

What I need to know is if the online connection is required for offline gaming and watching DVDs and such. If so then I will not be getting this system. The net crashes in my area for several days at a time, especially in summer.

MikeMyers2185d ago

Reports have indicated it needs to 'check-in' once every 24 hours. Although that is not finalized. Most of these issues can be controlled by the software but as far as I know yes, you will have to be connected at some point in time even in single player games.

There is a lot of confusion so far about how used games will be handled and online requirements and the blame lays on Microsoft. Hopefully they can clear this mess up sooner rather than later.

Legion2184d ago

Not even close to everything needed to know.