Microsoft disables YouTube comments following Xbox One reveal

PixelEnemy - With the Xbox One reveal being considered a disappointment by many, it’s not a surprise that the comment section of the Xbox YouTube channel has been hit by a vast amount of hate.

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-Mezzo-2190d ago

Like I Said,... Damage Control.

fatstarr2189d ago

they should have let it go. any publicity is good publicity. the more its talked about the more a know nothing casual would want to buy it. they need to let people get it out their system instead of trying to duct tape their mouths.

The_Blue2189d ago

I'm tired of seeing their articles just to see the same lines over and over again.

"they'll kill gaming.
m$ is soooo greedy.

adorie2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Get off the internet, then. Simple solution. Or? keep away from gaming/tech sites/financial sites/social media sites... eh, I guess staying off the internet is the better solution. Lol.



The_Blue2188d ago


Shouldn't you be enjoying PSN and all its, ahem, perks? lol

hazelamy2189d ago

sticking your fingers in your ears and going "la la la la la, not listening".

that's essentially what ms are doing.

Soldierone2189d ago

"Here's a gaming console, we wont talk about gaming till later though....."

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