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Teenagers Hate Facebook, but They're Not Logging Off

Slate- A new report released this week from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that Facebook remains the leading social network among American teenagers. It’s also the most reviled. While some teenagers interviewed by Pew claimed they “enjoyed using it,” the majority complained of “an increasing adult presence, high-pressure or otherwise negative social interactions (‘drama’), or feeling overwhelmed by others who share too much.”

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Settler1975d ago

Compared to G+, it's absolutely awful.

Gondee1975d ago

Google+ is essentially the same thing as facebook...

Speed-Racer1975d ago

Yup. With the exception of Hangouts, Google+ pretty much ripped of Facebook's features and just renamed them. I think the only reason there is so much going for it is because it's small and full of 'trend setters' rather than mass crowds that we are accustomed to on FB.

Gondee1972d ago

Google+ missed its chance. Mass social media transitions don't occur often, but do happen quickly. Look at Myspace to facebook. These days there are many SM sites gaining traction without (as we thought they needed) mass user bases of "friends of friends". Twitter, Instagram, Vine all have only relatively large user bases, not near facebook. If G+ were to gain attention it would need usage and adoption rates at the bare minimum of early twitter/insta/vine. We have seen none of that