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Turtle Beach gets Microsoft stamp of approval to build Xbox One headsets

Engadget - Microsoft's new Xbox comes with a console, controller and Kinect, but even if you pre-order One for yourself, you may choose to go elsewhere to pick up a matching headset. And, Turtle Beach will be one of the first next-gen headset providers, as it's just signed a license with Microsoft to build them for the One.

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-Mezzo-2186d ago

Never used a Turtle Beach headset,... but I've heard nothing but praise for them, so this seems like a good idea.

aviator1892185d ago

same here.
I'll have to buy a set for xbox one.

Septic2184d ago

I just bought the PX5's. I hope they work on the One and PS4!

JKelloggs2184d ago

They won't work on the Xbox that's for sure, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One isn't backwards compatible with headsets

adorie2184d ago

By the looks of the sheeple laying down for the proverbial mac truck of anti-consumerism to roll over them, this atrocious piece of monetary leeching may succeed.

I can't tell no one what to do with their money, that's none of my business, but as the saying goes:

"a fool and his money are soon parted"