Microsoft’s Cheap Shot At The iPad Actually Points Out Exactly Why Windows 8 Tabs Suck

TechCrunch: Microsoft uses Siri’s voice (which isn’t difficult, given that it’s a fairly generic computer-generated female tone) to highlight what the Windows 8 tablet can do that the iPad can’t, including things like live tiles, Windows Snap multitasking, and… PowerPoint. Then finally it gets to a price comparison, showing the much cheaper price tag for the Asus.

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In2iti0n2189d ago

The ad clearly shows the benefits of using a Windows tablet. I am not a fan of the Scroogled campaign, but this one is good. This is coming from an Apple fan. Learn to be impartial and honest.

fatstarr2189d ago

Microsoft is really pushing this side bar thing hard.

but meh apple is gonna loose more market share once everyone disassociates buzzwords with actual products

soon grandma wont call every tablet an ipad