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Apple files amendment, adds Galaxy S4 to Samsung patent suit

Electronista: Apple has filed its amendment to its ongoing courtroom battle with Samsung, adding the Galaxy S4 to its list of infringing devices, just as it told the US District Court in California last week. The filing specifically names five patents said to be infringed by the Galaxy S4 itself, two of which are apparently infringed by Google Now.

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KingPin2193d ago

oh apple.
competitors giving you an ass-whooping of note and your best defense is law suit this law suit that. if only your customers bought law suits instead of high tech devices. you would still be top tech dog in town. Jobs must be looking down at you shaking his head.

SnakeCQC2193d ago

Apple is just pure pathetic they have never created anything to patent. These patents are insanely generic and shouldn't be able to hold up.