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Ready for Windows 8? We're just starting on Win 7, says Dell

CNET: Some big Dell customers are just beginning to migrate to Windows 7 -- an operating system that came out in 2009.

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SactoGamer2918d ago

I still have one of my three PCs on Windows XP. My other two have Windows 7 with no plans of downgrading to Windows 8.

SynGamer2918d ago

Windows 8 has been proven to be faster, more efficient, and safer than Windows 7 and XP. The ONLY reason people don't like it is the UI (Start Screen). Even without a $5 third-party "Start Menu" app, it's literally 1 click to get to the desktop.

FlameBaitGod2918d ago

Yeah... no syn.... just no.

SynGamer2918d ago

Um...yeah. My statement stands and is true. If Windows 8 had the same UI as 7, no one would be bitching. Under the hood, Windows 8 is simply better than 7 in just about every way. You can try to argue otherwise, but you'll be wrong, and blue in the face.

This comes from actual hands-on experience, unlike many people who "demo" Windows 8 at their local Best Buy or something and make a decision based on that...

SilentNegotiator2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Being 1% faster than 7 doesn't make its crap, inconvenient interface worth it.

chadwarden2918d ago

Lazy backward people will be lazy backward people.

zeal0us2917d ago

Booting up a few secs faster, wow

More efficient for some, less efficient for others

Safe, pff the same viruses that affect win7 affect win8.

I'll stick with 7 until 8 have something worth upgrading for because right now it really doesn't. Booting up faster and Metro interface just isn't enough for me.

Dark_Overlord2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"Windows 8 has been proven to be faster, more efficient, and safer than Windows 7 and XP."

That's fine and all, but compatibility is a joke, never before have I had so many problems trying to get basic things such as web browsers and games (that are all supposedly compatible) to work. After 3 weeks of putting up with the crap that is Windows 8, I returned to windows 7 and all the problems disappeared instantly.

So while 8 may be faster, safer etc etc 7 at least works properly for me and with a fully functional desktop too (8's joke of a desktop is far too restrictive). Unless some serious work is done to 8, I sure as hell won't be touching it again.

EDIT - and one last thing chimes + laptop touchpad = major rage inducing moments constantly >:( a complete idiot must have thought that one up.

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Axecution2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Im just gonna be a hipster and say that i really like the Win 8 start menu.

I hate having cluttered icons and it really helps me out for that reason. For example, on Windows 7 if i wanted to open iTunes [if it wasnt in my quicklaunch], i would have to go Start -> Programs -> (All programs? Dont remember) -> Apple -> iTunes. Like screw right off. Now i just throw my mouse to the bottom left corner, click, and then click the iTunes square. And i know exactly where my iTunes square is cause i keep my menu organized.

I dont know, once you memorize the locations of you app rectangles or whatever, it's really easy and takes a lot less clicks to open your apps.

Bimkoblerutso2918d ago

I would think schools play a big part in this survey. Many districts in the United States are Dell-centric, just behind HP I think. Probably not coincidentally, the district I work for JUST switched to Windows 7 this year.

TemplarDante2918d ago

Agreed. Windows 8 sucks. And it annoys me when people say,
"Its great, it uses less ram AND I can bend over backwards to make it look like Windows 7! "

Baka-akaB2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Why because it's usually true ? Or are you somehow going to prove me that i havent been using it since it's beta days as a faster win 7 with no concern or care for either start menu or metro ?

mcstorm2918d ago

I don't get the - press with windows 8. I have a surface rt and after owning a iPad and android tablets I can say windows 8 is by far the best os on a tablet. There is no lag, crashing, easy to use and works with my devices like printers, tv, server ect without any messing about.

I also have windows 8 on my work pc where again I think it works far better than 7 did on my 3 year old hardware. I have pined everything I use every day to my start screen and don't use any of the metro apps on the pc and apart from not having the start icon I can't see what the issue is with windows 8 on a none touch pc.

As for dell not being ready im sorry but dell need to up there game. We sell dell kit at work and I have to say they are really slipping behind hp and Lenovo as there windows 8 offerings for windows 8 touch and none touch are far better than Dells.

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