Google to Microsoft: Blocking ads with Windows Phone YouTube app is a no-no

ZDnet - Google is seeking to block Microsoft's new YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 because it blocks ads and allows downloading of videos from YouTube's site, in violation of its terms of service.

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Yi-Long2890d ago

... is because I now have Chrome with AdBlocker+.

Before that, I was getting pre-video ads all the time, which completely drove me away from the site.

Now it's just like the good old days, where I can just lose hours of my time, browsing great videos.

Software_Lover2890d ago

Wow. Is this a +1 for Microsoft?

fatstarr2890d ago

google cant keep em down for long. lol

Mikefizzled2890d ago

I bet millions more people use ad block then there is using Microsofts youtube app. Yet Google insist to try destroy their competition.

fatstarr2890d ago

ad block is different. I dont know how to explain it but its different.

Cueil2890d ago

mobile youtube doesn't have ads anyway... no youtube app I've ever used has ads....

dadaownsall2889d ago

O.o just yesterday i got an ad from my phone lol