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NVIDIA Shield Retailing For $349: Device May Not Succeed

Mobile & Apps: "NVIDIA is taking pre-orders of its Shield gaming console that is based on Android come next week, Tuesday. According to the company, the device will retail for $349 and will ship out to early adopters in June. At first glance, Shield might look like it is designed only for games, but the device is more than that, it can also be used as a means to stream content from a PC."

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leoshastri2893d ago

It will not.. NVIDIA has become shit now anyway..

fatstarr2893d ago

LOl no they havent. GPU wise they are still top dog. in their other ventures ... thats a different story.

gamernova2893d ago

This device will not succeed mostly because PC gamers would rather invest that money in an SSD or a more kick ass graphics card. I do not speak for all but I am definitely speaking for myself. I am not in the market for a mobile platform. Hell, I prefer a gaming desktop over a gaming laptop any day. If I had to chose between shield and something nice for my desktop...well yeah haha

brich2332893d ago

The most it should cost is 150-200. I dont see to many people buying it for 350.

fatstarr2893d ago

Lmao if vita filppity flopped, what makes them think this will sell. especially at 350. if 10k-50k lifetime is the goal. then success is coming their way.