Who Needs BBM Service On Android And iOS?

Thatnaijablog writes: That BlackBerry device was once considered as a prestigious monster device, carried by almost every tech geek and business magnet. These days, the BlackBerry is largely considered an obsolete joke. The BlackBerry OS is old, clunky and just plain looks ugly when compared to the iOS or Android. The absolute proof has been the dwindling profits and massive layoffs.

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mrxbox2890d ago

BlackBerry is pathetic.. They would go ZERO without getting into Android.. They had to take this step..

SnakeCQC2890d ago

who needs bbm when theres whats app which is genuinely better and cross platform

proudly_X2890d ago

That's the point, I thing RIM shot themself all by theirself

blackberty2889d ago

but now BBM is also cross platform... so same thing. It's just yet another cross platform messaging app. Far too many of them now.

hard joe2889d ago

former bb owners may be?

mcstorm2889d ago

Kids are the ones who need BBM. My brother who is 15 had a blackberry and when he was due an upgrade he got an Iphone but kept his Blackberry for BBM as this is where he talks to most people.

There are better options out there but a lot of parents still don't get kids a lot of interment time and because of this BBM is the best option.

I am not a fan of Blackberry at all I use Windows Phone but I do think if they bring this app out for Android and IOS this will be the end of them as it gives no reason for people to pickup a Blackberry.