Updated LinkedIn terms ban prostitution/escort services from its network

Vyralize: LinkedIn, the place for making connections, has put a ban on prostitution and escort services.

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Vyralize2197d ago

Dammit! Just when I was going to set up my profile. How am I going to find customers now? ;)

RonyDean2197d ago

What the hell LinkedIn?! Everyone has a job to do and clients to find!

Vyralize2197d ago

We gotta hit the streets again

Speed-Racer2197d ago

Where do I look for strippers now? :(

Kurylo3d2197d ago

No such thing as prostitution. Weather your paying for dinner or a movie, or handing her a few hundred dollars... Your always paying for it. lol. Society just wont allow it because the government cant tax it.

fatstarr2197d ago

couldn't have said it better

nix2196d ago

everyone is a prostitute here because everyone is getting humped at work. and getting paid for it.