Why do We Need 5G Service, When There Isn’t Enough 4G Saturation Already?

VG Republic Writes: If you love to do the majority of your internet perusing on the go, or you need the service to do more work, play, or whatever else might tickle your fancy then the upcoming tidbit is going to elate you. Samsung has broken through the barrier of the supposed 5G (5th Generation Mobile Internet Service) hiccups that lied ahead of anyone interested in developing such a service. The technology behind Samsung's development is that of a newly developed antenna that features a transceiver that allows the transfer of 5G service between tower and phone that can travel the distance of 2 kilometers (for those that aren't math enthusiasts that's 1.242 miles). While it might be something innovative, the inquiry that lies ahead is why do we need 5G service, when enough of the world, let alone the U.S., doesn't have enough 4G saturation as it is?

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