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New Android Boss Finally Reveals Plans for World’s Most Popular Mobile OS

Wired- For the past few years, Sundar Pichai has been part of a tag-team routine staged at Google’s annual I/O developer conference. Pichai, a Googler since 2004, would present on behalf of Google’s Chrome division, including its browser and cloud-based operating system. His counterpart was Andy Rubin, head of Google’s Android division. As Android grew to the world’s most popular mobile OS (it’s now on 750 million devices worldwide, with 1.5 million new activations every day), people wondered what was the sense of Google having two operating systems. Meanwhile, Andy Rubin was the unofficial king of I/O.

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Settler2896d ago

I really like the Sundar answers, Also interviewer was quite stirry isn't it ??

Axecution2894d ago

Yeah the answers were great. The interviewer sounded like he was interviewing a celebrity looking for gossip to make an "ANDROID BOSS HATES FACEBOOK HOME" article.