The first music video from space really is a Space Oddity

TechRadar - After five months aboard the International Space Station sharing his tips on keeping fit in zero gravity, taking amazing photos of Earth and giving us a reason to use Google Plus, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is set to return to earth.

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-Mezzo-2893d ago

This was awesome,... too bad the song wasn't.

krazykombatant2893d ago

What are you even on about? I think its frigging awesome

Zerg2892d ago

TechSpy not paying you enough to make decent comments, Mezzo?

fatstarr2892d ago

so this is what nasa puts my tax dollars to.

krazykombatant2892d ago

Hes Canadian, so not your money technically, have you not seen any of the videos hes done?? If anything it raises awareness and interest in younger generations about space and becoming engineers/scientists.