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Mad Genius' Motion Capture System brings Sony's break-apart controller idea to life, and then some

Engadget - Remember that break-apart DualShock 3 idea for motion control Sony had five years ago? A new company named Mad Genius Controllers has surfaced with a working prototype that shows such a contraption working in spades. The setup uses a splittable controller and a processing unit to enable seamless motion control and spacial tracking on any title and system. Because Mad Genius doesn't use any accelerometers or cameras like the current consoles, its creator notes that accuracy of up to 1/100th of an inch is possible.

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kaozgamer2896d ago

thats too much effort needed to play skyrim

strigoi8142895d ago

so walking to the screen if i want to go forward, what if theres no enough space ill be like goomba in mario game trapped on wall and a pipe lolz

mrxbox2895d ago

Is that for real?? Or is it just a rumour or a fan video??