Samsung to offer 5G service by 2020

YonHapNews - Samsung Electronics Co. said Sunday that it successfully developed a core technology of the fifth-generation network (5G) for the first time, aiming to enable users to access faster data services by 2020.

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-Mezzo-2893d ago

Cannot wait to see what it'll be capable of.

SnakeCQC2893d ago

4g is like 5 times faster than my home aol broadband lol i hope broadband companies atleast try to play catch up

fatstarr2892d ago

probbly the top speeds of today.

im sure in 2020 we will have super optimized cpus made of some next gen element. capable of pushing out more power than 4 of any of the top cpus put together.

fiber will probably be standard and everything will move from 1/10 and 1/100 to 1/1000 maybe even more. and our phone speed would be 1-2 steps behind.
200mb minimum is my guess.

mrbearbear2893d ago

in other news, it is predicted by 2020 that the 5g service will cost you your torso,a increase from the arm and a leg on the 4g service.

SKUD2893d ago

And we still won't have flying cars.

fatstarr2892d ago

lol as long as we still rely on gas(petrol) flying cars will never come out.

extermin8or2893d ago

UMMM that's going to be pretty hard I know for a fact that 5G services is in development in several places in collaboration around the world, as it was publicly discussed- I believe one such place is Surrey University here in the UK-thing is their goal is to have the tech ready for initial distribution in 2020-so how are samsung going to be offering this to anyone, when the tech wont have actually rolled out yet, let alone be publicly mass market usage...

Speed-Racer2893d ago

I'm still on crappy HSPA+

SnakeCQC2893d ago

same ee price plans are extortionate