Galaxy S 4 mini surfaces again, strikes a few poses

Engadget - Mum may still be the word at Samsung, but between user agent profiles, leaked details and the word of the Wall Street Journal, the arrival of the Galaxy S 4 mini seems imminent. Still, there's nothing like a leaked gallery of snapshots to stoke the fire, and Weibo user PunkPanda -- who seems to have a track record of spying Samsung devices early -- is happy to provide.

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-Mezzo-2893d ago

This is too early for a mini version,this will put a dent in the S4 sales.

ThePundit2892d ago

But it will also steal people from competing smaller products -- there are a lot of people, including me, who prefer a smartphone that is smaller than my hand. I feel the cannibalising of S4 would be a good sacrifice, in return for getting customers in from other brands.

Software_Lover2892d ago

So many freakin phones by Samsung. It's getting ridiculous. Just make a few and stick with them.

Galaxy s4
Galaxy s4 mini
Galaxy note
Galaxy mega
Galaxy mega........... mini (what is the purpose of this?)
Galaxy note 8 (international version phone capable)

Why not just have
Galaxy mini (whatever s variant you want)
Galaxy s4
Galaxy note
Galaxy mega (with better specs please)

That is still alot of phones, but trim down the selection a bit. Of course, I'm not inside the boardroom of Samsung and I do not have their sales figures and projections so I'm just saying this as a regular consumer. If everything is selling then piss on me. It just seems like overkill lately.