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20 most memorable gadgets of the ’90s

Vyralize: Welcome to the last decade of the 20th century, when having a cellphone or PDA made you cool.

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Y_52502896d ago

I wish the article had some description on what I was looking at. Not just the name and year!

mrxbox2896d ago

It's funny even talking about Apple Newton MessagePad now. The crazy change Apple has brought. The world has change from the Apple Newton MessagePad to the Apple iPhone and iPad.

evil_element2896d ago

Its ironic. When Steve Jobs left Apple and it was John Sculley (ex-CEO of Pepsi - That sugary drink company guy) to run Apple who created Newton as an awesome handheld device. But his experience as sales man doing Pepsi just didn't work for making electronics and software. In a sense it shouldn't even be called Apple product because the folk who lead Apple in 1986-1997 were just not technology folk.

kingPoS2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I still can't believe I used to champion Zip Disks back in college. I remember carting around a half dozen zip disks stuffed full of anime & asian music videos.

I even used to think Zip was better than usb flash back in 2004 at the time because it stored more 64mb. Hahahahahha!!!

Double Facepalm

2pacalypsenow2896d ago

I remember the zip drives i was like man this is the future lol