Microsoft warns users of new malicious Chrome extension and Firefox add-on that hijack FB accounts

TNW: Microsoft has discovered a new piece of malware in the form of a Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on that can hijack Facebook accounts. It does not appear that there are equivalent plugins for Internet Explorer nor Safari.

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kaozgamer2893d ago

lol trying to get people to start using internet explorer /s

KingPin2893d ago

wow. informative./s
they dont mention the bloody add-on that causes this.
maybe coz there isnt one and microsoft is using scare tactics. who knows.

fatstarr2892d ago

it doesnt seem like its an official ad on from the chrome store or the firefox store.

its similar to when you try to watch a vid and something pops up and says you need this "driver" "software" or "program" to watch. and on chrome/ff a run dialog appears that most users blindly run/click/accept to get their content.

Yehshuah2890d ago

it was probably ms who made these malicious extensions.