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Samsung Galaxy S5: Here’s What We Want

Android Geeks: The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released and now it’s the time to think about Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S5, which will probably be released in April – May 2014. We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with really awesome features, considering that the technology is evolving very fast and flexible displays might be ready for use, meaning the smartphones will change radically by next year.

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ajax172899d ago

On battery life: "Nobody needs an 8-core processor on a smartphone, when they don’t even have one on their desktop computer."

I don't know that much about tech, but doesn't more cores help with battery life? Being able to turn some off when using apps that require less processing power.

AngryEnglish2898d ago

In essence yes, the way the exynos works is split into two, it has a7 cores for light use like emails etc etc, then for more intensive use it also has the a15 that takes over for gaming and such, its named the big little design, all 8 core don't run at once, its either the low A7 or the powerful A15, that's what I was led to believe