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Your Bitcoins Are Finally Worth Something

TechCrunch: Bitcoins are nominally worth $113 as of this very moment. That means very little in the real world. As Forbes writer Kasmir Hill notes, it’s pretty difficult to go up to the McDonald’s cashier and offer an invisible fiat currency that resides entirely on the Internet in exchange for a Big Mac. She’s survived a week using nothing but Bitcoins and, although she’s still alive, her experience wasn’t friction-free.

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fatstarr2895d ago

who in their right mind would bet on this.
it goes up
has a horrible crash
builds hype
and repeats

been doing it since it was worthless
the market is now closed so your only option is paying 113...
he made a valuable system by building a kingdom for geeks and nerds
which the casual sheep would stumble into close to when it was too late to mine your own bit coins causing some people to actually buy this from the geeks with real us money...

the kings of the kingdom.