Facebook Home hits 1 million downloads

Engadget - While Facebook Home may not be for everyone, it gained some serious traction since its introduction. Today at Facebook HQ, Cory Ondrejka, Director of Mobile Engineering let loose that, in the month since Facebook Home was first released, it's been downloaded over almost 1 million times.

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-Mezzo-1992d ago

Well, considering the users of Facebook,... 1M is pretty disappointing.

Settler1992d ago

People didn't like the Facebook home still it make 1 million download.... sounds weird

In2iti0n1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

It shouldn't sound weird, since one million out of a billion (registered FB users) is really a relatively small number. If you translate it into percents, it would account to only 0.001% of all FB users.

And I call that a failure.

Speed-Racer1990d ago

Of course everyone has to try it first before they can judge it. I can't fairly say I hate it without trying it.

kaozgamer1990d ago

I really don't see the point of home..