Cyberthieves Looted A.T.M.’s of $45 Million in Just Hours

NY Times - It was a huge bank heist – but a 21st-century version in which the robbers never wore ski masks, threatened a teller or set foot in a vault.

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-Mezzo-2897d ago

Damn that's a lot of money.

kingPoS2895d ago

So let me get this straight. The thieves stole prepaid debit codes, broken it's output limit, encoded them onto to blanks and discreetly withdrew...

How long will it take to correct such enormous oversight. Hopefully not too long.

fatstarr2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

easy, find all targeted debit codes and reset. especially since users with socials weren't effected. its the same thing if a bank added 2-3 extra 0's to your account.

fatstarr2892d ago

I cant wait for the movie to come out.

and I actually support them. banks dont pay taxes and sit on billions offshore 45million is like 45 $ to a regular person.