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Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown Reveals $229 BOM (U.S. Version)

Maximum PC: Barring a sale price or a promotion, you're liklely to pay $200 for a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset, not including the overall cost of a two-year service agreement to qualify for subsidized pricing. Data fees notwithstanding, that's $29 less than the bill of materials (BOM). Manufacturing costs add another $8.50 per device, so on paper, Samsung is paying $237.50 for every Galaxy S4 device is builds.

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adorie2900d ago

I got mine for 206.00 and w/o contract, and with 20 bucks a month payment. I have an S3 right now, unlocked and rooted,pristine condition, hoping to get 400 for it on Amazon, comes with an Incepio; rubber and aluminum two-part case.