Why Windows XP Won’t Die so Soon?

TechPP: The day has finally come. Microsoft will be bidding farewell to one of the world’s most used desktop operating systems, Windows XP. Almost 13 years ago, in August 2001, Microsoft released Windows XP, an operating system that was soon single-handedly going to change the computing culture.

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kingPoS2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

If it ain't broke....

To this day my dell pc from 2003 with XP Pro still runs fine.

That's nearly TEN WHOLE YEARS. The only physical change I made to it was to upgrade the ram to & hard drive, that's it.

KingPin2896d ago

xp is an OS that works and now is also low on system resources. PCs with 2-4gb <only 3.5 used due to 32bit OS> find it runs like a dream.

i know il keep it but i use ubuntu 12.04lts as my main OS at home.

In2iti0n2896d ago

Microsoft only wishes XP would die sooner, so they can earn more money on new versions. But they rarely get it as right as they did with XP. Windows 8 is a miss. Vista was disaster. Windows 7 is the only "ok" version since XP.