Splay Launcher Redefines Android Home Screen Replacement With Unique, Pie-Like Navigation

AddictiveTips: Let’s face it, single-handed operation on mobile phone with a screen size of over 4.3 inches gets a bit tricky and as you up the screen size further, it almost becomes a challenge. Developed by Else Ltd., the company behind the smartphone ’First Else’ that never made it to the shelves, Splay Launcher for Android is another Home Launcher replacement, but what makes it stand out is its distinct interface that focus on single-handed operation.

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Software_Lover2899d ago

I've become convinced that I love my Lumia more than my gs3. Only because I'm never happy with the look of my Android, lol. I'm always installing roms and launchers. Changing my lock screens. Trying to find the best widgets, chaning Icon packs, trying to find themes. Its a never ending process. WP8, I find a great app, add it to the home screen, put it where I want it, resize it to fit my needs, and done.

Sometime less is more IMHO.