Budget iPhone Confirmed by Foxconn in 2013; Why Entry Level Android’s Are In Trouble

VG Republic Writes: Well the days of Androids being the answer for those that don’t want to pay the premium it takes to get a higher end phone are limited with the confirmation today by ETrade Supply of Foxconn, reported by The Times of India, the manufactures of the current iPhones, that a budget iPhone will hit the market by the end of 2013. The iPhone has a good grip on the market, as it stands right now they own approximately 50% of the cell phone sales in the United States, but as numbers have slightly slipped it isn’t surprising that Apple has been in search of ways to create as close to a monopoly as possible. They did so with the tablet market, as iPads became more common, they found the iPad Mini had a market and were able to capitalize on the lower-end, cheaper model. Apple might not be everyone’s favorite, but there is no doubt that they are one of the more business savvy companies out there today.

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fatstarr2898d ago

i wonder if this will change apples forecast for 2013.

Gondee2898d ago

I really don't like this take on cheaper phones. If its a budget phone, it usually has low end or old hardware. Currently they sell the last gen iphone as the free/reduced price apple phone.

Plus, Iphone is a status symbol in a way, everyone recognizes it, and its generally thought to be the "rich" phone. By adding a cheap ass plastic one, they hurt that reputation, and possibly even ruin it (Especially if it looks similar). For the same reason the GT2 and the GT3 have stickers saying what they are, people like to be seen by expense.

caseh2898d ago

Apple are the only company that don't offer mid-range 'new' phones.

Sony, Samsung and HTC all offer these along with of their flagship mobile phone, as some people don't want to pay top dollar for a phone they won't get full use out of but they still want a new phone.

Offering people a phone that's over x years old as an alternative to the overpriced latest model is a business model that will ultimately sink them so i would say this is a good move.

ABizzel12898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I have to disagree, especially with the article. The budget phone may very well be real, but what's the purpose of this phone. Apple prices it's previous gen phones at $99 and Free when the new phone launches:

iPhone 5: $199
iPhone 4s: $99
iPhone 4: Free

So what exactly is the phone going to change, beside the impression of people thinking they're getting something new. Most likely it's going to be a combination of the older models hardware, cheaper build materials, possibly smaller / lower resolution screen, but with features from the current model (when they could easily update the older models, but I guess that defeats the purpose of a new sale).

The only thing this does is allow Apple to save a bit more money by making phones that are cheaper to produce, and will do nothing to affect Android, on it's growing market-share.

caseh2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )


'So what exactly is the phone going to change, beside the impression of people thinking they're getting something new.'

Exactly, thats how fickle a lot of Apple owners are and thats all it takes. For many its a fashion accessory rather than a communications device.

The 5 barely changed anything over the 4S other than the hardware it uses (which 99% of Apple product owners know f*ck all about) and a longer screen. It didn't stop the mad rush of people queuing at Apple stores and paying over the odds for their latest product.

Oooo look its shiny and its got an Apple on it, pwoaaaar!

Gondee2895d ago

@caseh 4s-5 was a large jump in a number of areas. Almost none of the hardware from the 4s made it to the 5, minus the camera. We are well into the incremental upgrade phase of phones in total. Apple does it, Samsung does it, Nokia does it, and HTC does it. You demand a phone that is comparable to another phone, thus there will be no major risks.

this isn't 2007, competition, cost cutting, and profit margin rule the day now. The days of major revelations of how we use our phones is gone.

evil_element2898d ago

I stand firm that this is no more than a rumor.

iSpy2898d ago

End of android era??? Oh Yes..

In2iti0n2898d ago

I don't think this is just a rumor, but I also think that Apple can't properly create a "cheap" iPhone.

It would either be terrible and therefore hurt their standards, or it wouldn't be quite cheap as people expect it to be.

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