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Sony Launches Line of Affordable Vaio Fit Laptops Starting at $549

Maximum PC: Sony's Vaio line doesn't have a reputation for being friendly to budgets, but that's about to change with the introduction of new Vaio Fit laptops and Ultrabooks. Pricing starts at $549, which isn't exactly netbook territory but is a far cry from being expensive for a notebook. For that kind of dough, Sony will sell you a Fit E 14E model, which is a 14-inch laptop that's thin, light, and made of aluminum.

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fatstarr2901d ago

549 isnt affordable or a nice looking price point with tablets gaining speed. but I guess to each his own.

id rather build a superior desktop than some sub par built laptop with parts designed to last 2 -3 years.

Gondee2901d ago

They are filling the space dell is evacuating from...

Speed-Racer2901d ago

My next purchase is a Vaio, but something on the higher end.