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Next Xbox will work even when your Internet doesn’t

ARSTechnica: Should single-player games, Blu-ray playback, and live TV viewing be possible on a gaming console with no Internet connection? Most gamers would say "yes," but they have been worried that Microsoft feels differently; the next generation Xbox has been consistently rumored to require a permanent network connection.

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aviator1893125d ago

I can't wait till the 720 comes out.
Getting tired of the xbox 360..

PFirefly3125d ago

IMO, if a console is still entertaining you at the end of its life cycle, then the company is doing something right, and will most likely carry that forward into the next gen.

No point in getting exited for a successor to a console that bores you unless you have concrete proof that its a major improvement. Wait and see what they reveal later this month.

aviator1893124d ago

I still play and purchase plenty of games, movies, xbla games, etc., but I suppose I'm just aching for some new hardware with better visuals.
Of course I'm still going to keep my 360 after the 720 comes out, but I think it's been a really long time since I've had a 360 so I suppose I want something new.

PFirefly3124d ago

That's understandable. I thought you were tired of it because of the lack of first party games. Hopefully the rumors are true and all their games are being held back for the 720. Should be a good launch if it is.

The_Blue3125d ago

Love the Xbox 360. I play it more than my PS3 that loves to just crash.

M-M3125d ago

Lol at how this didn't go through on N4G.

caseh3125d ago

Doesn't need to, theres already 3000 articles like this that have appeared since that Orth guy waffled sh*t on Twatter.