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Pirates Debut Super-Smooth Video Torrents

Torrent Freak- As bandwidth gets more plentiful, the thirst for better quality video increases alongside. By now most people are aware that screen resolutions are important in terms of image definition, but there are important issues surrounding how that pixel density is presented as a moving image. Frame rates help to make a video nice and smooth and a recent development has the seen some of the smoothest video around hitting BitTorrent networks.

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Settler2240d ago

I didn't found something good in this article, but still its big news :P

Speed-Racer2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Arrggg matey, your English is worse than a pirate's breath.

1Victor2238d ago

point taken next time I'll put the tag CJ so that the grammar police knows ITS A CORNY JOKE.

fatstarr2238d ago

this is interesting stuff. and so the gpu games change over to piracy

soon people will be claiming to see the 80 90 and 100 fps rates in the video quality.

Agent_hitman2238d ago

Oh yeah...................